Safety First at Little Harbor Boathouse

July 17, 2017

Little Harbor Boathouse Paddle Instructors and Guides complete our annual Coastal Kayaking and SUP Leadership Training lead by Kevin Beckwith, ACA L4 Open Water Instructor, British Canoeing 5 Star Sea Kayak Leader and Registered Maine Guide as well as hold First Aid/CPR Certificates.

Our boundaries are fully explained to all paddlers; it includes the waters 100' off Brown's Island from Peaches Point to within the no wake zone buoys to Marblehead Lighthouse as well as all of Marblehead Harbor.

Weather related protocol:

  • no one can paddle if a small craft advisory has been issued (winds about 25 knots)
  • in winds about 15/17 knots, all paddlers must stay within the boundaries of Little Harbor
  • no one can paddle in fog (without a visibility of 50 yards)
  • no one can paddle in or before a thunder storm (1/2 waiting period after last thunderclap is heard/lightning is seen)
  • in whitecaps, all paddlers must remain within Little Harbor

Our staff assess water conditions constantly throughout the day to be aware of up coming safety risks. If a rescue is necessary, we have a whaler moored off the beach, and our staff is trained in the use of tow ropes and other kayak-related rescue equipment. These rescues are possible by both the whaler and other human-powered boats in our fleet.

Our fleet is in excellent condition, inspected and approved by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxilary and maintained/cleaned by our staff routinely.

Our safety motto is CLAP:

C – communication

L- line of sight

A- assess situation continuously

P- position of greatest usefulness

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