Photography Tips and Cameras for Water Sports

February 14, 2016

Have you ever had that perfect moment out on the water when nature has you awe inspired? I always want to take a picture to remember the moment. Let’s look at some cameras that are good for watersports and take some tips from the experts on how to capture those moments on film. Waterproof digital cameras are becoming more interesting looking and feature packed than the old disposable types. Today’s breed have video modes and fancy focusing options such as subject tracking and face detection.Ephotozine, an online photography magazine, listed their top cameras for water sports. They include: Roger Sharp, a professional surfing photographer was recently put to the test in Digital Camera World, when he was asked to explain some photography tips for shooting water sports to an novice. Here are some of his tips: Resources: Digital Camera World Ephotozine
  1. Panasonic Lumix FT3 which adds GPS to the list of substantial features.
  2. Fujifilm Finepix XP10 digital camera comes in fun shapes and sizes and boasts 5x optical zoom.
  3. Sony Cybershot TX10 - super slim model with a large 3in touch screen LCD for easier setting of controls.
  4. Olympus mju TOUGH 8010 Feels slightly more solidly built than some of the competitors and has better rugged factors.
  5. Canon Powershot D10 - If you’re after a camera for beach and water activities this one certainly looks and feels the part.
  • Get as close as possible - it may be challenging getting bashed by waves but it gets you right into the action.
  • Go wide and get creative -go wider to try and include some of the mainland to add context and create a sense of the location near the shore
  • Make your subject large in the frame - don’t be too far away or they will appear too small in the frame.
  • Don’t change lenses on the beach! - camera kits don’t like sand or seawater
  • Shoot in different formats try horizontal, vertical, background out of focus.

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