Staying “Paddle Fit” in the Off season

January 15, 2016

Staying fit in the off season is important and will help you get right back into it come the start of next season. Enjoy outdoor winter sports, make a regular practice of exercise at the YMCA or your favorite gym! As days grow longer take long walks by the sea and think about the upcoming paddle season and the great on-water days ahead! Here are some tips that will help you be “paddle fit” when the season hits:
  1. Maintain your balance - The sport of stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is one that utilizes the entire core of the body to balance. Because balance is the main element while paddle boarding, maintaining that sense of balance is critical in the off season. Try using a balance board which is pretty standard at most gyms but a good investment for home use too!
  2. Work your major muscle groups - Try daily lunges, squats and one-leg balance postures to work on balance while building the large muscles in the legs. Keeping the muscles in the legs strong is important in the off-season.
  3. Cardiovascular and aerobic conditioning - Since paddle boarding tends to be low impact on your knees and other joints you may want to find a similar indoor sport for off-water months. Walking, elliptical, low impact aerobics, and stationary bikes can help keep you in shape without hurting your joints.
  4. Stretching - Extensive stretching can help maintain your muscles flexibility and stabilization. Regularly stretching or a yoga practice will support and maintain limber paddling muscles.
By staying fit during the off season you’ll be in shape and ready to launch into the season on Memorial Day Weekend when Little Harbor Boathouse - Boston North Shore’s premiere paddle boarding and kayaking outfitter - opens for rentals and Paddle Season Pass members!

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