Pulling the Trigger on a new Hobie Kayak

January 31, 2018

"I am getting ready to pull the trigger and buy a new kayak. After extensive research I am on verge of pulling the trigger on a new Hobie Outback. Prior to investing the $2,000 plus, however, I though I would make a last inquiry: Has anyone purchase a Mirage Drive Hobie and be disappointed for any reason?

I am well aware of the usually kayak feedback regarding getting the right boat for you and what you will be using it for. Therefore, I am only asking about personal experiences with Mirage yaks and/or Hobie as a company.

Greatly appreciate any info you may be able to pass along.

Thanks,"  JHJ

I can only say this .. BUY IT .. BUY IT .. BUY IT! you won't be disappointed.

I love my revo and I tour, fish, exercise and sail with it.  I recommend reading the Hobie forums as well. A great bunch of people and very helpful and full of ingenuity for home modifications and rigging tips. A good answer to your question if people are unhappy with the Hobie Mirage Drive kayaks just look for one used .. it is a very, very hard thing to find and if you do you will see they hold their value well.

Here is the link for the Hobie kayaking forum:


pull the trigger!

Taken from hulltruth.com forum

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