Marblehead - the ideal place to paddle and pedal kayak

April 08, 2016

A quintessential New England seaside village, Marblehead is known for its crooked roads, quaint Old Town shopping district and cozy hometown feeling. What we here at Little Harbor Boathouse love most about Marblehead is the picturesque harbor and surrounding Crowninshield Island that make for an ideal location and destination for kayaking, paddling or rowing. Marblehead Harbor boasts one of the finest displays of sailing craft anywhere. Over the years the harbor has been both the starting and finishing port for numerous international races, including an annual race between Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Marblehead, which began in 1905, continues to this day. The harbor is also a perfect place to explore the north shore coastline and access views that are not possible on shore. Our friends and visitors truly enjoy the five acre island known as Crowninshield immediately off the coast. Paddle and Pedal Kayakers, Stand Up Paddleboarders, Rowers and even walkers(at low tide) enjoy the serenity of the island. It makes for a great destination for a day trip from Little Harbor Boathouse. Families can make an outing for the day exploring the trails on the island and wading through the shallows. Others rave about the saltwater pools full of interesting shells, tidal plants, and creatures. Relax for a while at the sandy beach or have a picnic lunch in the open meadow. This beautiful coastal setting is perfect for watersports enthusiasts looking for a unique place to explore and for for families to spend a wonderful summer day!

Visit & paddle beautiful Marblehead, MA